Hate Story 4 Movie Review

Movie: Hate Story 4

Movie Category: Romantic thriller

Starring: Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, Vivan Bhatena, IhanaDhillon and Gulshan Grover

Director: Vishal Pandya

Run-Time: 2 hours and 11 minutes

Hate Story 4 Movie Review


Hate Story is more hateful than love in the story. This movie is the fourth installment of film ‘Hate Story’ franchisee. ‘Hate Story 2’ and Hate Story 3’ was directed by Vishal Pandya, and now once again Visha Pandya directed the fourth installment of ‘Hate Story’. It is a thrillers, dramas and irotic film. Now, Urvashi Rautela is about to scatter her beauties. So, let’s know what will happen in the film…

Hate Story 4 Movie Story

The story of the film is of two brothers Aryan Khurana (Vivan Bhatena) and Rajveer Khurana (Karan Wahi) living in Britain. Rishma (Ihana Dhillon) is the girlfriends of Aryan. Aryan and Rajveer both are owners of the famous advertising agency. They need a new face to advertise their new product. Rajveer searches for Tasha (Urvashi Rautela) instead of his old girlfriend, and their search is fulfilled. Rajveer and Aryan both die on the killers style of Tasha.

Aryan and Rajveer’s father Vikram Khurana (Gulshan Grover) is a big businessman, who is candidates for the Mayor’s election. For this reason, he gives the responsibility to Aryan of keeping Rajveer stay away from Tasha. Rajveer likes Tasha and proposes her, but Aryan makes Tasha his own by sending him out.

Not only this, when Rishma sees them together, then he takes her life. For Tasha, Aryan cheats not only his brother but also his girlfriend Rishma. After this, such incidents occur due to which the Khurana family sleep goes away. Relationships get cracked, slaughter goes on. Why does all this happen? Who does? Who is Tasha in the end? To know all this things, you have to go to the cinema and watch the full movie.


Director Vishal Pandya had done quite well to direct ‘Hate Story 2’ and ‘Hate Story 3’. This time too Vishal has kept his hold strong. Although there are many places that could have been better. Vishal Pandya has always tried to add new artists and new angles to the films of this series. This time too he has tried now. He has been able to take advantage of the celebrated franchise series and take an impact on the audience.


Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, Vivan Bhatena , Ihana Dhillon and Gulshan Grover have played a key role in the film. Urvashi and Ihana have performed a lot of limbs. Along with it, have tried to perform acting somewhere also. Karan and Vivan have played their role almost good. Gulshan Grover is the only actor to be seen playing his role wisely.


The music of the film is good, which is Tanishk Bagchi, Mithoon, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Tony Kakkar and Baman. The song of the film, Aashiq Banaya Aapne from the 2005 film Aashiq Banaya Aapne originally composed by Himesh Reshammiya has been recreated for this film in the voices of Neha Kakkar and Himesh Reshammiya. This song had already been hit before the movie’s release. Apart from this, songs like Badnaamiyan, Boond Boond are attracted. As far as background music is concerned, it seems that many places have been found to be uncomfortable.

Watch or Not

The film is bold and exciting. The story of the film will able to bind the audience from the beginning to end. If you are fond of romantic thriller films, then this film will not disappoint you.

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